“Tasty Top”

Tasty Top are freeze dried products made from Thai fruits, e.g. durian, mangosteen, mango and longan. The fruits are turned into healthy crunchy version without frying in oil or adding any sugar, artificial colors/flavors or preservatives. Thus, they are suitable for health lovers, fruit lovers and anyone who would like to enjoy non-seasonal fruits. Freeze drying technology offers low temperature processing that not only preserves the vitamins in the products but also allows a long-term storage at room temperature. So they are an ideal choice for modern consumers who would like to stay healthy.


Crispy Durian

35 g., 100 g.

Durian is recognized as the "King of Fruits". Here, we select fresh “Mon Thong” durians and freeze-dry them to best preserve their freshness, flavor, texture and nutritive value.

Ingredient : 100% Mon Thong durian

Net Weight : 
1. Available in a tray inside an aluminum package and printed paper box, 24 boxes per carton. 
2. Available in a printed aluminum pouch, 24 pouches per carton.

Shelf Life : 12 months