We started as a small business aiming to be a part in the promotion of growth of fisheries and agriculture in Thailand.
We would like to offer Thai people food that has the same quality and hygiene standards as exported goods, and to expand our product line to catch up in the highly competitive global market. As Thailand's leader in turnkey dehydrated food processing with cutting-edge technologies and continuous product and personnel development, we have quickly become recognized by customers in Thailand and overseas. For over 20 years, we have processed and distributed all types of dehydrated food. We have meticulously selected raw materials and applied cutting-edge technologies to improve our production capacity. We have also given priority to product quality and safety because we value our customers most. Another thing that contributes to our success is the support from the “PFS Family”, our quality personnel who always develop themselves and suppliers who have been in good relationships with us for a long time. They are people behind our achievement and determination to continue developing.