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Spray Dried (SD) is the most large capacity in
PFS, produced many thousands of metric tons
per yeat. This because we have high technology and
technique to produce each kind of spray dried
product, that would make the customers have
confidence in us even for a long term.

We have 3 commercial plants and another one for
research and testing. And we plan to expand
for another one according to the continuous demand
and so on.

The examples of our Spray Dried product in each
kind are:

Non-Dairy Creamer (NDC): for industrial product, customer can adjust its colour, flavor, and composition as they wished.

Milk Replacer: for use instead of milk powder in Bakery, Beverage, and so on.
Whipped Topping Cream: to replace the fresh milk whipping cream in Bakery, Sweets, Beverage, and so on.

Maltodextrin: for using in Sweets, Candy, and Bakery.
Coconut Milk Powder: for both industrial and home use.
Soy Sauce and Hydrolysated Soy Sauce Powder: use as seasoning.

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