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Freeze Dried (FD) product is one of the main processing line
since the beginning of PFS, so we have a long time experience
and reputation with long confidence from our customers.

Freeze Dried is the best way to preserve the original flavor
and texture, and the dried food will be easy reconstitute in water.
So its application is famous for instant noodle cup or soup
that has to preserve the most original taste of fresh product
as possible. Beside this, the Freeze Dried process can make
the unique taste and texture as well, such in case of fruits.

The examples of our Freeze Dried product are:

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FD. Shrimp
FD. Squid (Ika)
FD. Imitation Crabmeat (Kanikama)
FD. Shrimp Wonton

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FD.Pork ( Normal and Minced)
FD.Chicken ( Diced and Minced)

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FD.Chinese Cabbage (Chingensai)
FD.Spring Onion
FD.Sweet Corn

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FD.Vegetable Soup
FD.Tom Yam Koong (Thai Spicy Shrimp Soup)
FD.Shark Fin Soup
FD.Green Curry (Thai Spicy Chicken Green Soup)
FD.Tom Kha Kai (Thai Spicy Chicken White Soup)

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